Jeremy Shub Sculptor

About Jeremy

I am a sculptor living in the Yarra Valley. I have a wife and two children.

Creativity is in my blood and passion – timber carving in particular. At the moment I mainly use Cypress Macrocarpa. This timber is mostly weather proof and has a low shrinking level. I get this wood from ethical sources.

I use a chainsaw to rough out the project then solar powered tools to shape and sand.

In my youth I gathered a Bachelor of Science, Diploma of Visual Art and a Diploma of Education. This blend of interests makes my work dynamic and engaging.

Since childhood I’ve been extremely passionate about creativity. I’m inspired by playing with materials and exploring what is possible. The raw timber is allowed to expresses itself with me as the guide. Its a collaboration of what is there and my imagination. I have been exploring the feminine in abstraction for the last few years.

My creativity is gaining popularity in private, corporate and urban environments.

Jeremy Shub Sculptor